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Supplementary Planning Documents SPD's & Other Guidance

Supplementary Planning Documents

Consultation on Supplementary Planning Documents - March 2018

Barrow Borough Council is consulting on the content of two Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) in line with Regulation 12 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (2).

Green Infrastructure Strategy SPD

The Green Infrastructure Strategy SPD contains guidance for developers to help them incorporate green infrastructure into their developments.

Green Infrastructure Strategy SPD

Biodiversity and Development SPD

The Biodiversity and Development SPD contains advice for developers when drawing up proposals to ensure that new development in the Borough enhances rather than harms habitats and species.

Biodiversity and Development SPD

The consultation on both SPD’s will be open for four weeks from Tuesday 13th March to 5pm on Wednesday 11th April 2018.

Hard copies will be available for inspection at Barrow Town Hall and Dalton Town Hall.

Please send any comments on the content of the documents (clearly stating which SPD your comments relate to) by:

Email: developmentplans@barrowbc.gov.uk or

Post: Planning Policy, Barrow Borough Council, Town Hall, Duke St, Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 2LD

If you have any queries please contact Planning Policy at developmentplans@barrowbc.gov.uk or by telephone on 01229 876363.

Shop Front & Advertisement Design SPD

The Shop Front & Advertisement Design Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted on 29 November 2010, it supplements the policies of the saved Barrow-in-Furness Local Plan (Barrow-in-Furness Local Plan Review 1996-2006), and the Barrow Port Area Action Plan Development Plan Document .

The SPD sets out detailed planning and design guidelines for the external alteration of commercial buildings, primarily shops and offices. The SPD forms part of the Council's efforts to protect and enhance the Borough's town centre.

Shop Front & Advertisement Design SPD 

Cumbria Development Design Guide

Cumbria County Council adopted its Cumbria Development Design Guide in November 2017.  The purpose of the guide is to provide advice and guidance on the design of successful residential and commercial developments in Cumbria.

The guide can be accessed here.

Habitat Regulations Assessment Guide

This guidance leaflet is not an adopted SPD but has been produced to guide developers when drawing up proposals which may impact upon Natura 2000 Sites inside and outside the Borough. It explains what Natura 2000 Sites are and the Habitats Regulations Assessment process.

Habitats Regulations Assessment Guide