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Climate Change & Environment

Ref NoDocument NameDocument DateAuthorDate Added
EL10 001Strategic Flood Risk Assessment ReportMay 2015Capita15/02/2018 15:02:37
EL10 002Suitable Areas for Wind Energy DocumentMarch 2017Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council15/02/2018 15:09:32
EL10 003Cumbria Minerals and Waste Local PlanSeptember 2017Cumbria County Council15/02/2018 15:14:51
EL10 004North West Shoreline Management Plan2010BBC in Partnership15/02/2018 15:17:38
EL10 005Cumbria Biodiversity Action Plan2001BBC in Partnership15/02/2018 15:31:47
EL10 006Safeguarding our Soils (DEFRA)2009Defra15/02/2018 15:33:39
EL10 007Developers Guide to Contaminated Land - Cumbrian AuthoritiesJanuary 2013Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council15/02/2018 15:36:49
EL10 008Cumbria Wind Energy SPD Pt 1July 2007Cumbria County Council15/02/2018 15:38:32
EL10 009Cumbria Wind Energy SPD Pt 2July 2007Cumbria County Council15/02/2018 15:40:56
EL10 010Cumbria Renewable Energy Capacity and Development Study 2011August 2011Cumbria County Council15/02/2018 15:44:02
EL10 011Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy Cumbria Cumbria County Council15/02/2018 15:56:04
EL10 012Barrow HRA Pre-Screening Report 2014October 2014Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council15/02/2018 15:59:01
EL10 013Walney Island Flood and Coastal Erosion Strategy ReviewSeptember 2014Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council15/02/2018 16:02:52
EL10 014Barrow HRA Pre-Screening Report October 2014October 2014BDP09/05/2018 11:50:55
EL10 015Barrow HRA Screening & AA Report April 2016April 2016BDP09/05/2018 11:53:10
EL10 016HRA Screening & AA - July 2016 AddendumJuly 2016Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council09/05/2018 11:57:28
EL10 017Habitats Regulation AssessmentMarch 2017Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council09/05/2018 12:04:16
EL10 018Barrow Borough Biodiversity SPD May 2018Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council09/05/2018 12:15:26
EL10 019Suitable Areas for Wind Energy Technical Document Update May 2018Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council24/05/2018 10:28:33
EL10 020Draft Interim Sustainability ReportFebruary 2016Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council22/05/2018 16:16:30
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