There are 55 equipped play areas across the Borough.

Playground facilities for children

There are 55 equipped play areas across the Borough in the following locations:

Locate Barrow Borough Playgrounds

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(Key: J - Junior, S - Skateboarding, T - Toddler, K - Kick about Area, M - Multi-Use Games Area (M)

  • Abbotsvale (J, T)
  • Askam Community Field (J, S, T)
  • Balmoral Gardens (J, T)
  • Barrow Park (J, S, T)
  • Biggar Bank (J, T)
  • Biggar Village (J, T)
  • Church Street (J, T)
  • Dalton - Buttermere Drive (J, T)
  • Dalton - High Bank (J, T)
  • Dalton - Leisure Centre (J, S, T, M)
  • Dalton - Tantabank (T)
  • Dock Museum (J, T)
  • Farm Street (J, T, M)
  • Hawcoat Community Centre (J, T)
  • Hindpool Urban Park (J, T, M)
  • Holbeck Park Avenue (J, T, K)
  • Ireleth - Saves Lane (J, T)
  • Lawson Street (J, S, T)
  • Lindal (J, T)
  • Lodge Green (J, T)
  • Marsh Sidings (J, T)
  • Marton (J, T)
  • Mill Lane (M, S)
  • Newton (J, T)
  • Ormsgill (S, M)
  • Rating Lane (J, T)
  • Roosegate Community Centre (J, T)
  • Sherborne Avenue (J,T)
  • Stanley Road (J, T, M)
  • Vickerstown (J, T, S)
  • Vulcan Road (J, T)


Most play areas are accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs and are suitable for children up to 11 years. A small number of play areas have facilities for teenagers (see above).

The playgrounds are inspected weekly for defects and cleaned at least once a week.


It is against local Byelaws to take a dog into an enclosed play area. You are liable to a fine of up to £1000 if you commit an offence against this byelaw.