How a Request will be Handled

How a Request for Information Under the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Regulations will be Handled

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

If your enquiry is clear and can be answered without referral then you will receive a response within 20 working days of the request being received.

If the information cannot be provided then you will receive a letter outlining the reasons why it cannot be given. This may be due to:

  • Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council not holding the relevant information required; or
  • The information requested being exempt from release.  If an exemption applies then it still may be subject to a public interest test.  A request may then only be refused if the public interest in withholding outweighs that in disclosing it.

All requests will state the exemption being applied and the appeals process.

If your request requires clarification or further collating of information then you will be contacted.  A fee may be payable for providing some information.  If the information requested is already published then you will be notified of this and how to obtain it.

Environmental Information Regulations (EIR's)

Requests made under the EIR's will be handled under the same procedure as requests made under the Freedom of Information Act.