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  • Grants for People with Disabilities

    Grants for People with Disabilities (Disabled Facilities Grants) to assist people make their home more accessible

    Last Modified: 16/02/2021 Published: 16/02/2021

  • Preparing for Brexit

    Learn more about how to get ready for Brexit.

    Last Modified: 08/10/2019 Published: 08/10/2019

  • About Barrow & Dalton Cemeteries

    Learn more about the background behind the cemeteries and crematorium.

    Last Modified: 19/12/2019 Published: 19/12/2019

  • Barrow's schools run no idling campaigns

    Furness Academy, St Pius X, Ramsden Infants and Newton Primary School have been encouraging parents to turn their engines off whilst they wait outside schools in a bid to reduce engine emissions aroun...

    Last Modified: 13/02/2020 Published: 13/02/2020

  • Disabled Adaptations

    Disabled Adaptations Adaptations to Council Accommodation Are you or a member of your household finding it difficult to remain active and independent in your council home because of a disability or ...

    Last Modified: 03/02/2021 Published: 04/02/2021

  • Equality & Diversity

    Equality & Diversity

    Last Modified: 27/02/2020 Published: 27/02/2020

  • Council Tax Discounts

    Council Tax Discounts

    Last Modified: 04/05/2020 Published: 04/05/2020

  • Ambitious plan to create university building in #BrilliantBarrow takes shape

    An image of how the university campus building could look has been revealed as part of work to develop a detailed business case for the project.

    Last Modified: 23/08/2021 Published: 23/08/2021

  • Private Sector Housing

    Private Sector Housing enforcement of housing standards, grants, renewal and licensing.

    Last Modified: 13/05/2019 Published: 23/05/2019

  • Historic Barrow high street secures £100,000 in additional funding

    A HISTORICALLY important high street in Barrow has been awarded additional funding to bring activity back into the town centre through a series of cultural events and installations.

    Last Modified: 19/05/2021 Published: 19/05/2021