The bereaved have always had a natural desire to commemorate the dead by providing a memorial, as it allows an outlet of grief.

For this reason the Crematorium offers the following memorials:

Book of Remembrance

There are four volumes of the Book, which are inscribed by a Calligrapher, and these contain a page for each day of the year; the pages being turned daily.

The date chosen is personal to the relatives, for example the date of Death, date of Cremation, date of Birth or an Anniversary.  Entries are of 2, 5 or 8 lines and entries of 5 lines or more can be decorated with floral emblems, badges or Coats of Arms.

The Book of Remembrance will be available to view on-line at and follow the on-screen instructions.

This is situated at the Crematorium to the left of the chapel. The Book can be viewed through the window around the side of the office entrance. 

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Cast Bronze Plaque

These are cast bronze plaques, 6"x 4", suitably inscribed.  They are affixed to the memorial wall at either Barrow or Dalton Cemeteries.

As from January 1990, a ten-year time limit has been placed on the purchase of new plaques on the wall at Barrow and Dalton.  When purchasing a new plaque, it is possible to extend the lease period to twenty years for an additional fee.

When the lease period is about to expire, the Cemetery Office will contact you to see if you wish to renew the plaque.  It would be helpful if you could inform the Office of any changes of address during this period.

If you do not wish to renew the plaque, it will be retained for 3 years at the Cemetery Office.  Alternatively, you may wish to retain the plaque yourself.

If you have purchased a cremation plot, the plaque may be fixed to a green slate tablet, which can be purchased through the Cemetery Office, and placed on the plot.  Should you wish to provide your own tablet, it must be 18"x 8" in size and be of a material in keeping with the existing plot

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Tree and Plaque

Alternatively, you may wish to donate a tree, which can be planted in the Glade of Remembrance.  A small Perspex plaque can be placed at the foot of the tree.    If you wish to select the position of your tree then please contact the Cemetery Office for an appointment.

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Memorial Seat

It is also possible to purchase a memorial seat, with suitably inscribed plaque, to be placed within the cemetery grounds. As from 1st December 2009, the following conditions will apply.

1.   In order to regulate size and type, memorial seats with a standard size plaque may only be purchased through the Cemetery Office. These seats will be hardwood in construction and four feet in width.  For the cost of the seat, please see our current price list.

2.   Seats will be allowed in any areas of the cemeteries but must not infringe on other graves or memorials.  The location of the seat must be approved by the Cemetery Office.

3.   Seats will be permitted for a five year lease.  This is to ensure that seats do not fall into disrepair.  After this period, families have the option of purchasing a new seat.  (The Cemetery Office reserves the right to repair/remove seats as necessary should they fall into disrepair during this period).

4.   The applicant must sign an application form agreeing to the policy.

Further details and prices are available from the Cemetery Office