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Independent Funerals

Independent Funerals


Guidelines and rules for arranging independent funerals


The majority of people use a funeral director to organise a funeral on their behalf. However, some people may wish to have more input into the funeral and make the arrangements themselves.

There is no legal requirement to use a funeral director, however they have experience and will accommodate most people's wishes.

Should you require independent advice regarding arranging a funeral, please contact the Cemetery Office for advice. It must be stressed that whilst help and advice is offered, the Authority is prohibited by law from acting as a funeral director and therefore has no facilities such as vehicles, refrigeration facility etc, which are associated with a funeral director.

Most funerals take place using a traditional coffin, however it is possible to use cardboard coffins or other combustible materials. It is possible to make your own coffin. It must be either combustible and non-pollutant if for cremation, or biodegradable if for interment. It must be sealed to prevent leakage of body fluids and must clearly identify the name of the deceased