The Crematorium is located within Barrow Cemetery:

Barrow (Thorncliffe) Crematorium
Devonshire Road,
LA14 5PD.

Telephone (01229) 876542.    Fax (01229) 813847.


Location of Barrow Cemetery and Crematorium (opens new window).

Barrow Crematorium was opened in Barrow in November 1962. (It is also referred to as Thorncliffe Crematorium). Over 40,000 cremations have occurred since then, and around 900 cremations take place each year. There are two full time staff employed at the crematorium, each of which have the Crematorium operatives training scheme proficiency certificate.

The Crematorium is a member of the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities (F.B.C.A.) which issues strict guidelines ( Code of Cremation Practice) to which the Crematorium adheres.

We have two cremators, which fully comply with the Environmental Protection Act in order to reduce air pollution. Due to the importance of reducing emissions from the cremators, we always ask that materials such as plastic, PVC, etc are not placed in the coffin and where possible the deceased is dressed in natural clothing.

  • Cremation Services
  • Inspection
  • Cremated Remains
  • Book of Remembrance.

Cremation Services

Cremation services occur Monday to Friday, within 45 minute slots. This allows 30 minutes to take the service and enables you to enter and leave the chapel before the next funeral arrives. Extra time can be requested without further charge.

A religious or non-religious service can be held and an organist is provided as part of the cremation fee. Alternatively, a CD player is available for families to provide their own CDs for playing at the service.  However, we will only accept original CDs; copies will not be played.   Also, it is possible for services to include singers or musicians who are known to the family. It is worth noting that there is no legal requirement to hold a service and you may decide to dispense with this.

During the ceremony, the coffin is placed on the catafalque. Whether the service is carried out at the crematorium or beforehand at a church, a committal service is usually carried out. At this point a curtain can be closed across the coffin to signify the end of the service. Some people find this distressing and if preferred the curtains can be left open and you can see the coffin as you leave the chapel.

After the service the coffin is moved to the committal chamber for cremation which is completed on the same day as the service. The coffin is placed in the cremator exactly as it is received and we carefully maintain the identity of the deceased throughout the cremation process. The cremation takes approximately 3 hours from start to finish and the remains are then ready to dispose of as the family wishes.


Many people are unaware what happens when a cremation takes place. We therefore welcome an inspection of the cremation process, either by individuals or groups; please contact the Cemetery Office to arrange a suitable time.

Cremated Remains

The following locations are available for the disposal of cremated remains:

Cremation Plots

These are small graves, which take up to four caskets of remains. The remains are placed in the centre of the grave and a small headstone, kerbstones and/ or tablet can be placed on the grave. At Barrow we offer an option of interring the remains in a grassed area or gravel area. The use of gravel prevents the area from having to be mown and avoids us having to remove and replace memorials/ vases, which are on graves. 

Family Graves

Many people have family graves, which may be full for burials. These can be used for interments of cremated remains once the grave owner has given permission.

Alternatively, if you wish to take the remains away for private burial or scattering, this can be arranged. The remains are clearly labelled in a plastic container. If the remains are being placed in another cemetery or churchyard then we will supply you with a certificate of cremation for a small charge.

Glade of Remembrance

This is an area adjacent to the Crematorium and the cemetery entrance where the cremated remains can be scattered. This is carried out by the Crematorium staff two weeks after the cremation has taken place unless otherwise stated. Should you wish to attend the scattering, please make an appointment through your Funeral Director or direct with the Cemetery Office.

Surrounding the Glade of Remembrance is the memorial wall. This allows you to purchase a cast bronze plaque to commemorate the deceased. From 1990 the Council placed a time limit on all new plaques; this is for ten or twenty years and is renewable.

Alternatively, you may wish to donate or purchase a tree, which can be planted in the Glade. A small Perspex plaque can be placed at the foot of the tree. In order to allow grass cutting around the trees we allow families place a 24 inch diameter border around the tree.  This can be either log edging or memorial stone.

Book of Remembrance 

This is situated at the Crematorium to the left of the chapel. The Book can be viewed through the window around the side of the office entrance. 

There are four volumes with three months of the year in each. The Book is open at the relevant date every day of the year. At an additional cost an inscription can be placed in the Book on a specific date; usually it is the date of death, but other dates (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries) can also be used.

If you wish to view the entries online, please go to:   and follow the on-screen instructions.