The Council offers the following types of graves: Full Sized Graves Woodland Graves Baby Graves Cremation Graves Graves Full Size These graves are situated on lawned areas; the only…

The Council offers the following types of graves:
Full Sized GravesWoodland GravesBaby GravesCremation Graves


Full Size

These graves are situated on lawned areas; the only memorials permitted are headstones, kerbs and vases. The aim is to be able to strim the grass without restrictions; therefore any planting of the grave is at the head of the grave, in an 18" x 12" border. The placing of fences and surrounds by the family is not permitted, but kerbstones supplied and fixed by a stonemason are.

The Newer sections in Barrow and Dalton have concrete plinths on which a headstone can be fixed.

It must be stressed that any mementoes or keepsakes placed on graves by families are at their own risk. The Council does not accept liability for any missing items.

Woodland Graves

This type of grave is available in Barrow Cemetery only. After the interment when the grave has settled, instead of the traditional memorial a woodland tree is planted of the families’ choice.

The concept is that once the trees have matured this area will form small woodland.

The area is only cut three times a year to encourage wild flowers, grasses and wildlife.

It is not a suitable choice for people who prefer a neat, tidy appearance or a memorial dedicated to the deceased.

Baby Graves

Barrow & Dalton have a dedicated area for the burial of babies. These graves allow families to inter babies in individual graves and have a short service. Afterwards a small memorial can be placed on the grave supplied and fixed by a stonemason.

Cremation graves

These small graves are available to purchase in Barrow, Dalton & Ireleth cemetery they are designed to hold up to four cremation caskets A small memorial can be placed on the grave after the interment by a registered stone mason


All memorials in the Cemetery are erected by stonemasons who are members of the Council’s Registration Scheme and Members of the National Association of the Memorial Masons Scheme thereby ensuring that they are fixed to a set high standard.

All Memorials are inspected by the cemetery Staff on a regular basis. Any unsafe memorials are marked and in some cases may be laid flat.

Grave Opening & Maintenance

When a grave is reopened it is not always possible to remove surplus soil from around the grave. The soil is placed in a box on the adjoining grave until after the burial has taken place. This will be for the minimum time possible and your grave will be left tidy once the grave has been backfilled.

All the grounds maintenance and grave digging in our three cemeteries is carried out under the Authority's grounds maintenance contract.

If you are dissatisfied with any work which has been carried out, please contact the cemetery office, this matter will then be taken up with the Contractor.

Exclusive Rights of Burial

When the rights of burial are sold you will receive a signed and sealed grave deed. This allows the person named on the deed to say who can be interred in the grave.

It is possible to purchase the rights to a grave in advance.

You are not purchasing the land as this remains in ownership of Westmorland and Furness Council.

If the grave is to be reopened, the person named on the deeds must give their written consent to the cemetery office. If the grave owner has died, then the rights need to be transferred to a living owner who is usually their next of kin. This can be done either by production of Grant of Probate, Letters of Administration if none of these legal documents are available; a Statutory Declaration has to be completed in the presence of a Magistrate or Commissioner for Oaths.

Where the deed holder is still alive and the burial rights are to be transferred then this can be done via a Form of Assignment.

These forms are available from the Cemetery Office on request.