Refuse Collection Requests

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Refuse collections

We collect refuse from every property in the Borough on a weekly basis.

We cannot collect the following:

  • Rubble, bricks, concrete or other waste from building work.

  • Plasterboard or plaster.

  • Paint, oil or batteries.

  • Asbestos is designated as special waste because of the significant risk to health and has to be disposed of carefully. More information on asbestos

All of these items can be disposed of at Household Waste Recycling Centre on Walney Road Barrow.

We provide most properties with a 120 litre wheelie bin which should be enough capacity for the average household.

Find your waste collection day

Special collections. 

Due to issues with the payment line, we are currently unable to process special collection orders online. Requests can still be made over the phone on 01229 876543. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Due to Covid19 there are currently some restrictions on the special collection service:
·         Black bags of waste cannot be taken – if you have excess waste that cannot be stored safely at your property this would need to be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.
·         If anyone in the household has had symptoms of Covid19 then your items for special collection will have to be kept outside for 72 hours (within the curtilage of your property).
·         If you book a collection a Customer Advisor may ring you back if we require further details.

Request a special collection. 

  • Requests received after 3.30pm the working day before the date of collection will not be collected until the following week.

  • The £10 service charge covers any number of items so long as the whole collection takes no longer than 10 minutes to load.
  • If the items are likely to take more than 10 minutes to load a FCC Environment supervisor will provide a quote for removing the waste based on the current charge of £80 per hour including transportation time.  This is in addition to the £10 charge taken by the Council
  • If you accept this quote this forms a private arrangement between you and FCC Environment
  • If you do not accept the quote your £10 will be refunded on request.
  • All items must be in the rear yard or the driveway (not in the street) and clearly separated from any other items which are not be collected.
  • A maximum of five bags of garden waste will be collected, it must be bagged and tied up neatly.

*Please note that fridges, freezers, dehumidifiers, TVs and computer monitors are collected on a Monday except when Monday is a bank holiday when it will be a Tuesday.

Fridge freezers should be kept within the confines of the property until the day of collection.  Please also ensure the doors are taped shut.

Refuse containers.


Request a 120 litre bin 

The bin will be placed inside the curtilage of your property (either the garden or back yard) unless you give us instructions to leave it elsewhere. If we cannot gain access to your back yard we will not leave the bin. We will try to deliver the bin within 7 days of you making the request. We deliver on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If we haven't been able to access your property we will try a second time on Friday.

We cannot collect additional waste that is placed beside your bin. If you recycle some of your waste it will reduce the amount of waste in your bin.

In exceptional circumstances we can provide households with a larger bin if the household meets certain criteria. A large bin request will be assessed by a member of our Streetcare team and and it may involve a waste audit carried out at your property by a Streetcare Officer.

Request a larger bin

If you and other people living in your property are unable to place the containers at the curtilage we can offer an assisted collection.

Request an assisted collection

The Council can provide a separate service for the collection of clinical waste.

Apply for Clinical Waste collection requests;

Service feedback

If you placed your recycling containers at the curtilage of your property by 7am on the day of your collection and it wasn't emptied please report it to us.

Report a missed container

If you report a missed bin and it isn't collected within 72 hours please let us know.

Report a service failure

If you have any other things you would like to tell us about please use our feedback form.


Please note it is an offence to present  waste for collection before 12 midday on the day before collection or leave bins out past midnight on the day of collection.  This may cause an obstruction or lead to waste being spilt from your containers. 

Persistent offences may result in a Fixed Penalty Notice being served.  You can view the public notice on Presentation of Waste here.

You may report cleansing issues by telephoning our Contact Centre on 01229 876543 or by email