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It is everyone's responsibility to recycle as much waste as we can.  After treatment, these materials are reused which reduces the amount of energy required for re-processing.  Opposed to using raw materials, it also benefits the environment.

Recycling correctly not only helps the environment but also has financial benefits for everyone.  The more you, the householder, can recycle the more it increased the revenue received from the material.  This is why it is important to only recycle items that are requested within the Barrow Borough Recycling Scheme.


Waste disposal has changed dramatically in recent years.  In the past all household waste was disposed of at landfill sites.  This was the cheapest method, however, it was also the most ecologically damaging, creating methane gas.  Some items, such as plastic would take thousands of years to decompose.

Household waste, that cannot be recycled, is delivered to the Mechanical Biological Treatment plant (MBT).  This process takes everyday household waste and after processing produces a pellet like item that is used for generating power.

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Green Waste Collections

Barrow Borough Council does not offer a free garden waste collection. This has been replaced by a subscription based Garden Waste Club. If you want your garden waste collected please contact our contractor FCC Environment Limited on 01229 431212 option 1 or There will be a charge for this service.

If your garden waste bin has not been collected or you wish to return a green waste bin, please contact FCC Environment Limited on 01229 431212 option 1.

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