Public Protection Services

Public Protection Services is a Council service set up to make sure that people's living and working surroundings are safe, healthy and hygienic. A wide range of activities are provided, including the inspection of food facilities, investigation of public health nuisances, licensing and the implementation of disease control. The service focuses on prevention, consultation, investigation, and community education regarding health risks and maintaining a safe environment.

We will:

Pollution legislation and monitoring information covering Air Quality, Environmental Permits, Contaminated Land, Bathing Water Quality, etc. 

Noise & Statutory Nuisances, Anti-Social Behaviour and Pest Control.
Food Hygiene Inspections, Port Health, Food Business Registration, Food Hygiene Rating, Infectious diseases, Health & Safety Inspection, Smoke-free,  etc.
Improving health and reducing health inequalities
Animal, Skin treatments, etc.

Business Support services for food & licensed premises.

Environmental Health fees and charges.

Our responsibilities and contact details.