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Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation

Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation

Mandatory Licensing

The Council is responsible for licensing Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and their owners to make sure they are in a satisfactory condition, are safe, have satisfactory means of escape from fire, have sufficient bathrooms and kitchens, and have adequate space and proper management. 

Not all HMOs will require a licence under the mandatory scheme.  Those which do are three or more storeys high and have 5 or more occupiers in two or more households and share amenities such as bathrooms, toilets and washing facilities.

Some buildings are exempt by virtue of their ownership such as those managed by the local council, registered social landlords, the fire authority, police authority and health service.

The landlord or manager will also have to prove they are a fit and proper person to manage the property.

From 3rd July 2006 all liable HMO landlords must licence their properties.

Those who  do not face enforcement action including fines of up to £20,000; losing their right to manage their properties and repayment of rent or Housing Benefit payments.

If you wish to apply please use this form Mandatory Licensing Scheme Application Form.  Please return the completed form to Private Sector Housing Team, Environmental Health Department, Barrow Borough Council, Town Hall, Duke Street, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 2LD along with the appropriate fee. List of fees

If you think you may require a licence please contact the Private Housing Team.

The Private Housing Team can be contacted at:
Town Hall,
Duke Street,
Barrow in Furness,
LA14 2LD 

Tel 01229 876543
Fax 01229 876317
E mail privatehousing@barrowbc.gov.uk