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The New Local Plan

The New Local Plan

The New Local Plan

Barrow Borough Council is preparing a new Local Plan which will update and replace current local planning policy. View the current Local Plan

The Plan will cover the period up to 2031 and shape the future of the Borough through new planning policies. It will also  allocate sites for development and protect important areas such  as natural habitats and public open spaces. It is hoped that the Local Plan will be adopted in 2018. 

What is the next stage?

In May 2017 the Council consulted on a Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan.  In response to this consultation, and in light of evidence updated since this time, the Council has prepared a Submission Draft Local Plan.  Consultation is open from Friday 8th December to Wednesday 24th January 2018.  See here for more information.

Following consultation the Council will submit the Barrow Borough Local Plan, including all representations received during both consultations in 2017 and supporting documentation, to the Secretary of State for independent examination.  In line with the guidance set out in the National Planning Policy Framework the Council considers that the Plan is ‘sound’ in that it is positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

Please see below details of joining our consultation database so that you may be informed of the submission of the Local Plan.

Future Consultations

We currently hold a database which includes interested organisations, groups and individuals that want to be kept informed about future developments regarding the Local Plan.

If you would like to be added to the database and consulted on the progress of the Local Plan then contact the Planning Policy Team via email/phone and provide us with the following details; name, address, organisation (if applicable), phone number and email address.

Email: developmentplans@barrowbc.gov.uk    

Phone: 01229 876341