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Ref NoApplicant NameSite AddressValidatedView Details
B28/2017/9999Mr Alan WebbStreet Record Dova Way Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria25/10/2017B28/2017/9999
B18/2017/0442Mr Jason KeithUrban Extreme James Freel Close Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria25/09/2017B18/2017/0442
B21/2017/0594Mr D Young159 Holbeck Park Avenue Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria LA13 0UA22/09/2017B21/2017/0594
B21/2017/0570Mr W March7 Bideford Gardens Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria LA14 4HX20/09/2017B21/2017/0570
B21/2017/0585Mr Brian Walker101 Black Butts Lane Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria LA14 3JL20/09/2017B21/2017/0585
B21/2017/0529Mrs B Morgan44 Derbyshire Road Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria LA14 5NB18/09/2017B21/2017/0529
B18/2017/0562Mr IN PiperRainbows End Hogue Street Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria LA14 3EE14/09/2017B18/2017/0562
B21/2017/0572Mr D Gay17 Lakeland Avenue Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria LA13 0AY13/09/2017B21/2017/0572
B21/2017/0564Miss Kelsey Anne Bak108 Victoria Road Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria LA14 5NL11/09/2017B21/2017/0564
B21/2017/0484Mr T Ballham24 Bowness Road Dalton-in-Furness Cumbria LA15 8NJ07/08/2017B21/2017/0484
B21/2017/0478R Snowball and L Ellison2 Darley Dale Road Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria LA14 5ND01/08/2017B21/2017/0478