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Submitting Planning Applications

Submitting Planning Applications


Submitting Planning Applications

Methods available for submitting Planning Applications


Barrow Borough Council supports the use of electronic planning applications through the Planning Portal. We would prefer applicants and agents to submit forms to us electronically. The use of electronic applications does have some benefits for the agent/ applicant.

  •  Only one set of forms needs completing instead of three

  • Standard information such as address and telephone number can be stored and brought in automatically to a form
  • Some guidance and error checking is given when completing forms.
  • A record is kept of previous applications on the planning portal.

 You can also submit the plans electronically as well but if you prefer to send paper copies, this is also acceptable; they can be deposited separately to the forms.

You can make an application to Barrow Borough Council online by going to the Planning Portal site .  If you would like more information or would like to speak to someone about electronic planning applications please contact Pamela Kayes on 01229 876387.

Alternatively applications can be submitted by post or brought in to the Town Hall and submitted.

By Post:

Development Control Department,
Barrow Borough Council,
Town Hall,
Duke Street,
LA14 2LD.