Flood Risk

Requirements for Flood Risk assessments prior to land development

Some parts of the Borough are prone to flood risk i.e. potential inundation from flood waters from either rivers and water courses or the sea.

The Environment Agency has identified these areas and maps showing the different zones, categorised according to the degree of risk of flood are available from the Environment Agency on the following link:

Environment Agency Flood Map.

Applications for development within these areas may have to be accompanied by a flood risk assessment carried out by the developer before they can be registered.  Whether or not this requirement will be imposed will depend on the scale of the development and you should, therefore, consult with us before submitting your application.

General advice on how the planning system handles development in relation to flood risk is contained in the Department of Communities and Local Government’s publication, Planning Policy Statement 25 ‘Development and Flood Risk’ and on the Environment Agency web site at Flood Risk Standing Advice for England.