PPC/B/13 - Envirocast Ltd

PPC/B/13 - Envirocasting Ltd

Envirocasting Ltd.

Cavendish Dock Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. LA14 2LA

LA-PPC Furnaces for the Extraction of Non-Ferrous Metal from Scrap

Process Guidance Note 2/1

Permit Reference PPC/B/13
Regulation Type B

Processes in which non-ferrous metal is extracted from scrap, including any related process for the refining of any non-ferrous metal or nonferrous metal alloy. Refining should be taken to mean cleansing, reducing or removing deleterious elements, oxides or other gangue material.


(inc. permits, variations, transfers, surrender)

 This process has been mothballed
  • Permit - 26th April 2006
  • Inspection - 2013/14
  • Inspection - 2012/13
  • Inspection - 2011/12
Monitoring Information
  • Annual Monitoring - June 2013
  • Annual Manitoring - June 2012
  • Annual Monitoring - April 2011
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Score 50 - Medium
  • Suspension Notice - 15th December 2014 (Complied - 19th December 2014)
  • Suspension Notice - 27th June 2014 (Complied - 8th July 2014)
Convictions/Cautions None

Additional Information

(e.g. supplied by the operator in compliance with a condition)

Site not currently operating due to vandalism.
LA Number 1043
Officer Geoff Dowker