Reporting repairs: Update 

Since the national lockdown in March, and in line with Government guidance, we have prioritised our repairs service carrying out only emergency and urgent repairs.  

Our contractors have now started working on the backlog of non-urgent (routine) repairs which were put on hold just before the lockdown.  Completion of these pre-lockdown routine repairs will take at least a month and, until they are completed, we’re not able to log any new routine repairs.   

Anyone wishing to report a routine repair is asked to contact us at the beginning of November for an update.  

As soon as the situation changes and we are able to log new routine repairs we will post details on this page. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued understanding and patience during this difficult time. 

To report EMERGENCY NON-GAS related repairs during office hours:  Tel. (01229) 876578 or email   To report out-of-office hours:   (01229) 833311

To report EMERGENCY GAS-RELATED REPAIRS (no heating/hot water/boiler or radiator issue) during office hours tel. freephone 0800 031 6578.  To report out-of-office hours: (01229) 833311

Office hours:  Mon to Thurs 8:30am-5pm (4:30pm Friday)

Many thanks for your understanding during this difficult time.  STAY SAFE EVERYONE. 

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What do I do if I smell gas?

Make sure you know where the gas tap is so that you can turn it off in an emergency.  If you smell gas, turn off the supply and telephone 0800 111 999.  This is a 24-hour emergency line for gas escapes.  They will stop an escape in the home or in the street free of charge.


  • smoke
  • use naked flames
  • turn electric switches on or off

DO:  Open all windows and doors

For more information on repairs

Our leaflet Repairs Information gives details and advice including:

  • Repairs we are responsible for and repairs that are your responsibility.
  • How long it will take to carry out a repair
  • Home improvements
  • Decoration allowance
  • Right to Repair Legislation
  • Gas servicing

Rechargeable repairs

We will seek to recover the cost of repair work from tenants who abuse or mistreat their property.  Wilful damage includes holes in doors, damage to plaster, light/power sockets or any other repair or improvement caused by tenant neglect.

For more information, please read our leaflet How to avoid rechargeable costs to your home.

Will the Council carry out improvements to my home?

Every year improvements are carried out to certain properties. For details of the areas where improvement works will be carried out this current financial year, please read our leaflet Planned Maintenance Programme 2019-2020.