Reporting Repairs during office opening hours

  • Gas-only repairs: Call free of charge from mobile or landline:  0800 031 6578
  • All other repairs: Tel. (01229) 876578.
  • Report online using SeeMyData.  If you are not already registered Register now  You can then report a repair as well as viewing your rent account. 
  • email:
  • in person/writing: Housing Department, Town Hall, Duke Street, Barrow-in-Furness. 

Reporting EMERGENCY out-of-hours repairs

The following numbers are to report emergency repairs only - for incidents that threaten the security and safety of occupants, for example: severe flooding; major electrical failure or if the property is insecure.  If when attended to it is found not to be a genuine emergency you may be charged for the service.  

  • Emergency Gas-only repairs*: Call free of charge from mobile or landline: 0800 031 6578
  • Other emergency repairs: Tel. (01229) 833311

* Please Note: No heating or hot water will only be carried out as an emergency during weekends or bank holiday periods.      

What do I do if I smell gas?

Make sure you know where the gas tap is so that you can turn it off in an emergency.  If you smell gas, turn off the supply and telephone 0800 111 999.  This is a 24-hour emergency line for gas escapes.  They will stop an escape in the home or in the street free of charge.


  • smoke
  • use naked flames
  • turn electric switches on or off

DO:  Open all windows and doors

For more information on repairs

Our leaflet Repairs Information gives details and advice including:

  • Repairs we are responsible for and repairs that are your responsibility.
  • How long it will take to carry out a repair
  • Home improvements
  • Decoration allowance
  • Right to Repair Legislation
  • Gas servicing

Rechargeable repairs

We will seek to recover the cost of repair work from tenants who abuse or mistreat their property.  Wilful damage includes holes in doors, damage to plaster, light/power sockets or any other repair or improvement caused by tenant neglect.

For more information, please read our leaflet How to avoid rechargeable costs to your home.

Will the Council carry out improvements to my home?

Every year improvements are carried out to certain properties. For details of the areas where improvement works will be carried out this year, please read our leaflet Planned Maintenance Programme 2017/18.

Is there Condensation in your Home?

If so, we have videos which give lots of useful advice and information on condensation and damp and what causes it.  Please click on the links in the column to the right.