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Tenants' Meetings

Tenants' Meetings

Tenants' Forum

The Tenants' Forum is constituted as a consultative and advisory body.  The Forum is made up of: tenant representatives nominated by their tenants'/residents' associations to speak on their behalf on tenant-related matters; street voices elected by the residents of the area which they represent; the chair of the Tenants with Disabilities Forum; representatives from the Leaseholders' Forum; an elected Council Member and senior housing officers. 


  •  To promote and represent the interests of all Council tenants within the Borough of Barrow-in-Furness.

  • To give tenant representatives the opportunity to discuss issues relating to the management of their homes and estates with elected Council Members and officers. 
  • To encourage and develop tenant participation in the management of Council housing within the Borough of Barrow-in-Furness.

The Tenants' Forum also makes representations to the Council's Housing Management Forum on issues relating to tenant participation, the provision of housing services and any other matters which may be of relevance to Council tenants within the guidelines of the Tenant Involvement Compact.  It also makes recommendations for the allocation of funding for Environmental Enhancement Schemes.   To access information on issues that have been considered and recommendations made by the Housing Management Forum and to view recent reports link to the Housing Management Forum.

Minutes of Meetings

The next meeting will be held on Monday, 12 March2018 at 1pm at Grange & Cartmel Crescent Community Centre.

For further information on the Tenants' Forum link to Governance of the Housing Service page.  

Tenants with Disabilities Forum

Unfortunately, with effect from January 2013, further meetings of the Tenants’ with Disabilities Forum have been suspended until further notice.

This decision has been made due to falling numbers in attendance and the lack of a Chairperson for the meeting.  At our last meeting, scheduled for Wednesday 16 January 2013, there was only one tenant in attendance which resulted in the meeting being cancelled.  Meetings cannot run without sufficient numbers.  

The views of disabled tenants and residents are of importance to the Housing Service and we don’t want to lose valuable input.  In this regard, we have invited a tenant from our current membership of the Tenants’ with Disabilities Forum to attend our Tenants’ Forum as a representative of disabled tenants. 

If there is sufficient interest in the future from members of the current group or from new members to re-start the meetings, we will make every effort to accommodate this.    

Your interest in the group can be registered by ringing us on (01229) 876578 or emailing: housing@barrowbc.gov.uk