Tenants' Associations & Street Voices

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What are they?

Street voices and tenants'/residents' associations and are a vital link between the local community and the council. They take up issues that can improve the community and estate environment.

Where are they?

Street Voices

There are Street Voices for the following areas:

  • Barrow Island

  • Raglan Court & Corporation Terrace

  • Grange Crescent & Cartmel Crescent
  • Lord Street Area in Dalton
  • Brathay Crescent/Levens Terrace/Vulcan Road
  • Eamont Close
  • Devonshire Road

For information please read our Street Voice booklet

Tenants' & Residents' Associations

There are currently the following tenants'/residents' associations within the Borough, constituted and recognised by the Council:

  • Ormsgill Youth & Community Association
  • North Walney Residents' Association
  • Devonshire Residents' & Tenants' Association

Setting up as a Street Voice or Tenants' Association

If there isn't an association in your area and you would like the opportunity to meet neighbours and new friends whilst making a valuable contribution to your community, why not start your own tenants' and residents' association? Start-up grants of £100 are available.  For more information on starting your own association, read our booklet Tenants & Residents' Association - How to get one started.

For more information

If you're interested in becoming a street voice or getting involved with one of these groups, or simply want a contact name and number for one of the groups, please ring us on (01229) 876523 or email: housing@barrowbc.gov.uk