How to Apply for Council Accommodation

Cumbria Choice - Choice-Based Lettings Scheme


News as at 28 May 2020:  

Some of our Cumbria Choice partners will begin to advertise properties this week.  We are hoping to restart advertising properties within the next two weeks.  Watch this space!

Anyone in the process of ending their tenancy can post keys for the property through the letter box located at the Town Hall’s Market Street entrance. Pop the keys in an envelope with your name/address/forwarding address and date written on the envelope and marked for the attention of the Housing Department. Please email us on


The Housing Service is part of the Cumbria Choice, Choice-Based Lettings Scheme. Cumbria Choice is where all the main social housing providers in Cumbria now advertise their vacant properties. 

To apply for properties you first have to register on the Cumbria Choice Scheme and complete an online application form - register now.  From here you will be able to get information on how the scheme works and view frequently asked questions.

As soon as you are registered on the Cumbria Choice scheme you will be able to view adverts giving details of all our vacant properties (as well as other vacant properties in Cumbria).

Alternatively, you can request an application form from our office: tel. (01229) 876578 or email:

What are the chances of getting a property in my preferred area in this Borough?

Our leaflet, Housing Matters for Prospective Tenants, contains a table which gives a breakdown of the number of properties in every area of the Borough, together with the number of properties that actually became vacant for letting during the previous year. Although these figures are for the previous year, the location and frequency of vacancies is similar from year to year. This information will help you understand the likely number of properties that will come available in your areas of choice.

Further information:

Have you any concerns or questions?

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on (01229) 876550 or 876403.

Alternatively, you may wish to view a wide range of frequently asked questions and answers on the Cumbria Choice website: frequently asked questions

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Equality & Diversity

We believe everyone should be treated fairly and with respect. Your application for housing will not be treated any differently because of your gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status or any disabilities you may have. Click here for more information on our Commitment to Equality & Diversity including the Council's Single Equality Scheme.

Other housing-related information

The Real Cost of Running a Home

There are lots of other costs besides rent which have to be budgeted for in running a home.  Our Real Cost of Running a Home leaflet gives an idea of the costs involved in running a home.

It also gives details of support available from the Housing Service to help tenants manage their tenancy.

Young People Leaving Home

If you are a young person thinking about leaving home, please read our Leaving Home Guide which has useful information for people who are thinking of leaving home or who have already left home and who need somewhere to live.

Registered Social Landlords (Housing Associations) 

Within the Borough there are a number of registered social landlords. Below are details of the type of accommodation they provide and their web site addresses for further details.

Accent provide a range of accommodation from flats for single people, sheltered accommodation for older people and families. They also provide accommodation for single homeless people. Web site address

Anchor Housing Association provide accommodation for older people in Barrow and Dalton. Web site address

Private Landlords

For details of private landlords in the area please read our Private Landlord Directory.   If you are looking for privately rented accommodation but can't afford a deposit please read our Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DiGS) leaflet.

Other housing-related contacts

Please see below a list of organisations that may be able to provide useful information regarding your housing situation.

  • Citizens' Advice - Ramsden Hall, Abbey Road, Barrow (01229) 830367

  • Inspira - 237 Dalton Road, Barrow (01229) 824052

  • Project John - (01229) 832127

  • Housing Benefit/Universal Credit (Council's Revenues & Benefits Team) - (01229) 404242