Governance of the Housing Service

Tenants and residents play an active part in the decision-making process.

The Housing Service operates within a framework established by the Council.  Tenants and residents play an active part in the decision-making process through a series of forums and focus groups, most particularly the Tenants' Forum and the Housing Management Forum

Housing Management Forum

The Housing Management Forum is made up of four tenant representatives and eight councillors.

Established by the Council's Executive Committee, the Housing Management Forum considers and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee on all matters relating to the management of the Council's housing stock.  It operates under the following protocol:

  • The Executive Committee automatically agrees recommendations or refers them back for further consideration.
  • If on re-submission the Executive Committee is still unwilling to approve  recommendations, they are automatically referred to full Council for decision.

To access information on issues that have been considered and recommendations made by the Housing Management Forum view recent reports.

To view decisions of the Executive Committee to Housing Management Forum recommendations view Council's Executive Committee.