Tier 2 lockdown announced for Barrow borough

With the number of Covid-19 infections continuing to increase, Barrow Borough has been placed into a Tier 2 lockdown by the government.

This means the Covid alert level for our area - the borough of Barrow-in-Furness - is high.

But what does this mean for residents? What are the rules in Tier 2? 

Here’s a handy guide to the most commonly asked questions:

What area does the Tier 2 lockdown cover?

The whole of Barrow borough. 

If your bins are collected by Barrow Borough Council, you are now in Tier 2.

What are the rules in Tier 2?

You must not mix indoors with people from other households or household bubble.

You can meet outdoors, but in groups of no more than six people.

You should still go to school or work, though working from home is preferable where possible.

You can still travel to work or school.

Businesses can continue to operate but pubs and restaurants must ensure customers are seated and must close between 10pm and 5am.

When do the restrictions begin?

They come into force at 12.01am on Saturday, October 17.

How long will Barrow be under a Tier 2 lockdown?

The restrictions will be reviewed by government in two weeks.

Can I visit a medium risk area?

You can visit a medium risk area, though the higher restrictions of Tier 2 still apply to you wherever you go.

This means you can’t mix indoors with people you don’t live with or are in a household bubble with even if it’s in an area with a lower risk level.

Can my family/friends still visit?

People can visit the borough and you can meet them in an outdoor setting - like a park - but this must be in a group of no more than six people including children.

Can my family/friends stay overnight?

No. No-one from outside of your household or household bubble can visit your home or stay overnight.

Can I go to stay with family or friends in another area?

No. The Tier 2 rules apply to you wherever you travel. 

This means you cannot stay with someone from outside of your household or household bubble, even if they are in an area of lower risk.

Can I socialise with friends or family in my back garden?

Yes. But this must be in groups of no more than six people in total. No-one must go inside your home except members of your household or household bubble.

Can we meet at the park?

You can meet people in an outdoor setting, like the park or the beach, as long as the number of people in the group is no more than six. 

You will also still need to maintain social distancing.

I’m a carer for an elderly friend/relative/neighbour. Can I still go to their home?

Yes. You can visit to continue the care you provide. 

You should wear a mask however while inside someone’s home.

I’m a tradesperson. Can I still work?

Trades people are allowed to carry out work in a Tier 2 area - even if this is inside someone’s home.

You must maintain social distancing and wear a mask when this work is taking place.