Royal Proclamation in Barrow confirmed

THE Royal Proclamation will take place outside Barrow Town Hall at 12.30pm on Sunday 11 September. 

Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, her son and heir King Charles III will be proclaimed as the new sovereign over the weekend on the following dates and locations: 

  • Firstly, on Saturday 10 September at 11am, St James’s Palace 
  • Saturday 10 September at 12pm, Royal Exchange, City of London 
  • Sunday 11 September at 12pm, in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast 
  • Sunday 11 September at 12.10pm, outside The Courts, English Street, Carlisle 
  • Sunday 11 September at 12.30pm, outside Barrow Town Hall. 


Once each of the countries across the United Kingdom have made their Proclamations, they are then made at county, city, borough and parish level. 

Members of the public are welcome to attend. The programme of events for the Proclamation in Barrow is as follows: 

  • 12.30pm – Dignitaries in attendance will arrive outside of Barrow Town Hall, in Duke Street

  • The Deputy Mayor of Barrow, Cllr Therese Assouad, will read the Proclamation of the Accession 

  • The national anthem will be played

Barrow’s Mayor, Councillor Hayley Preston, will attend the reading of the Proclamation in Carlisle.

The Union Flag shall fly at half mast from Barrow Town Hall until the day after the state funeral. However, Royal protocol requires the flag to be raised to full mast from Saturday 10 September at 11am until Sunday 11 September at 1pm, while the Proclamation has concluded.


Further information and flag flying protocol

Members of the public who wish to leave flowers are asked to place them at The Cenotaph in Barrow Park, if possible without cellophane wrapping.

Flag protocol

Day of Death – Flags are to be lowered to half-mast immediately.

Official Proclamation Day (Saturday) - The day when the new Sovereign is proclaimed in London. Flags will start the day by flying half-mast until 1100hrs when they will be flown at full mast to coincide with the reading of the Principal Proclamation.

County/District Proclamation Day (Sunday) – Flags will remain at full mast while the proclamations are read in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff, followed by the reading of the County and District proclamations.

Day following the State Funeral - Flags will remain at half-mast until 8am.

The flags are lowered as a mark of respect to the passing of HM The Queen. This shows a period of national mourning and sadness.  The flags will be raised for two days while the Proclamations take place. Raising the flags marks a 'celebration' of the incoming sovereign. However, once the proclamations are complete the flags are returned to half-mast. Again this is to signify that the country is still in a period of official mourning. This remains until the day after the state funeral, when flags will be flown at full mast again from 8am.