Covid-19 update: Playgrounds, skateparks, games areas and public toilets to close

PLAYGROUNDS, skateparks, multi-use games areas and public toilets across Barrow are to close in a bid to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The move was taken in a bid to protect children, parents and others within the community from the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

It follows careful consideration of government and scientific advice on the importance of social distancing in the fight against the virus.

Councillor Derek Brook, Barrow Borough Council spokesperson for community development and sport, said: “This is obviously a big decision to make and not one we have taken lightly.

“We have always been incredibly proud of the number of playgrounds, skateparks and MUGAs available to children across the borough.

“However, we need to do all we can to put the safety of our children and young people, as well as others in our community, first.

“Unfortunately, we know lots of children and families are using playgrounds, skateparks and MUGAs, where the risk of transmission from one person to another via the equipment is high.

"The same applies to public toilets. 

“Given the grave consequences Covid-19 presents to older people as well as those in at-risk groups, we have no choice but to close them for now.”

Parks across the borough will remain open, though residents and visitors are urged to follow guidelines on social distancing.

These are:

- stay at least two metres from other people

- wash hands with soap before leaving home and when you return

- self isolate at home if you notice any symptoms associated with Covid-19.

Cllr Brook added: “We know closing playgrounds, skateparks, games areas and public toilets won’t be a popular decision - and if it wasn’t for the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in - we wouldn’t have considered it.

“But the expert advice is clear. We need to stay indoors unless going out is essential.

“This is the only way to keep our community safe.”