Community leaders urge people to choose kindness in joint statement

A statement from Councillor Ann Thomson, Barrow Borough Council leader, and Councillor Hazel Edwards, leader of the Conservative opposition group:

“The past months have been unprecedented across the country. They have without a doubt placed us all, as individuals and as a community, under intense pressure.

“This weekend, levels of tension in our borough have escalated and emotions have run high. 

“This is Barrow. We pride ourselves on the kindness and understanding we show to each other, especially under difficult circumstances.

“Please continue to be calm, to be respectful and to build each other up. We are strongest together, always.”

A range of community-based organisations are able to help anyone in need across the borough.

MIND in Furness: 01229 827094

Women's Community Matters:  01229 311102

SAFA: 01229 832269

Citizen’s Advice Bureau: 01229 830367

Cumbria Emergency Support Helpline: 0800 783 1966