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Land Charge Fees

Land Charge Fees

Local Land Charge Fees (1st January 2017)

As of the 1st January we will be required by HMRC to charge V.A.T. on CON29 related services, this does not however apply to Local Land Charge and other related services provided by Barrow Borough Council Development Services. The figures below include V.A.T where appropriate. Note searches must be received by 4p.m. on the 23rd December to be classed as being received before 1st January 2017.

Full Official Local Authority Search
The fee for a Full Official Local Authority search for a domestic property will be £107.30 and for a Commercial search it will be £139.90. These fees include V.A.T on the appropriate services.

Local Land Charges only
The fee for a LLC1 search, an Official Search of the Register will be £31.00 for a domestic property and £42.00 for a commercial property. No V.A.T is due on this service.

The CON29R form including copies of decision notices will be £76.30 for a domestic property and £97.90 for a commercial property. The CON29R element of this service is liable to V.A.T.

These questions are priced individually and the prices can be found in the document below. All these questions are liable to V.A.T

Full details of Land Charge Fees as of 1st January 2017