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Annual Canvass of Electors' Information

Annual Canvass of Electors' Information

Information about the Annual Canvass of Electors 


You can register to vote if you are:-

  • Resident (usually live) in the UK and are aged 16 or over (but you will not be able to vote until you are 18);
  • A British, Irish or European Union citizen; or
  • A Commonwealth citizen who has leave to enter or remain the UK, or who does not require such leave. 


The Annual Canvass of Electors starts in mid-July when Household Enquiry Forms (HEF’s) will be sent out to every household in the Borough Council area.

This is an annual requirement and a response is required


The HEF can be responded to using ONE of three options printed on the form:-

  • Internet – Changes and No Changes;
  • Freephone – No Changes; or
  • Return by Post – Changes and No Changes.


Please note - The Security Codes printed on the form are required to use the Internet and Freephone options.



Any new people who have been added to a HEF will receive an Invitation to Register Form (ITR). 

A response to this request is also required and can be made using ONE of the two options printed on the form:-


Please note – You will need your Date of Birth and National Insurance Number to be able to make a registration using either of the above two options. 

If you have any difficulties with the above processes or need further advice please contact the Electoral Services Office on 01229 876318 or ier@barrowbc.gov.uk