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Borough Councillors

Borough Councillors

Borough Councillors

There are 36 Councillors elected to Barrow Borough Council who represent the people of the Borough of Barrow-in-Furness.

Borough Councillors tend to deal with issues around council housing, planning, licensing, rubbish collection, the local services and local environment.

Barrow Borough Councillor Mrs M Derbyshire

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Photo of Councillor http://www.barrowbc.gov.uk/apps/images\borough\derbyshire_marie.jpg

Councillor Details
Ward: Newbarns
Party: Labour
Street: 13 Piel View Grove
Town: Barrow-in-Furness
Phone: 01229 832104
Mobile: 07521028975
Email Address: mderbyshire@barrowbc.gov.uk
Expiry Date: 2019

Committee Membership Planning Committee Member
Licensing Committee Member
Licensing Regulatory Committee Member

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Personal Profile
I have been happily married to my Husband, Stephen, for 37 years. We have no children but have Nieces and Nephews whom I adore. I love all animals and have at the moment got five cats. My interests include reading, walking, learning new skills.

We are a close family. I have two fab Sisters (Ann and Lorraine) who help care, alongside wonderful Carers, (who without them we could not manage) in the well being of my disabled Mother, who is also fab.

Some of the moments that I am proud of are:- When I married my Husband of 37 years in 1974, whom I love When he became Mayor and I was Mayoress of Barrow Borough When I was elected in May 2011 to serve the residents of Newbarns Ward and lastly, I am proud of Craig, my Nephew, who is presently serving in the Army in Afghanistan.

On a personal level, I owe a lot to my parents (Ivan Thomas Dobby) whom is sadly no longer with us and is greatly missed and my Mum, Sheila, whom raised us all in a loving fair and warm family unit.

I would like to finish by saying that I do not seek high office, I am only here to serve the residents of Newbarns to the best of my ability and I, alongside my fellow Councillor, John Murphy and our MP John Woodcock look forward to meeting you at our Surgeries so that any problems regarding the Ward will be heard and dealt with to the best of our abilities.