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Barrow Borough Councillors

The Council is composed of 36 Councillors with all-out Elections held once every four years.  

The political composition of the Council is as follows:-

Groups Number of Members Leader of the Group
Labour Group 26 Councillor Mr D Pidduck
Conservative Group 9 Councillor Mr R McClure
Independent  1  


Councillors are democratically accountable to residents of their ward.  The overriding duty of Councillors is to the whole community, but they have a special duty to their constituents, including those who did not vote for them.

Councillors have to agree to follow a code of conduct to ensure high standards in the way they undertake their duties. 

All Councillors meet together as the Council.  Meetings of the Council are normally open to the public. Here Councillors decide the Council's overall policies and set the budget each year.

Contact Your Local Councillor

You can search for your Local Councillor by entering your postcode, and contact them via this website.

Cumbria County Councillors serving the Barrow Area

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Parish/Town Councillors