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Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Role of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee

 The role of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee is to look at the quality of services being provided to you, and to look at other issues which are affecting the lives of people within the Borough of Barrow-in-Furness.

Overview & Scrutiny Committee Minutes & Agendas for Electoral Year 2017/2018

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Meeting Date Agenda & Reports Minutes
6th December, 2017 View Agenda and Reports (pdf 278 kb) View Minutes (ms word  102 kb)
26th October, 2017
View Agenda and Reports (pdf 286 kb)
View Minutes (ms word 87 kb)
13th September, 2017
View Agenda and Reports (pdf 252 kb)
View Minutes (ms word 82 kb)
13th July, 2017 View Agenda and Reports (pdf 252 kb) View Minutes (ms word  66 kb)
1st June 2017
View Agenda and Reports (pdf 807 kb)
View Minutes (ms word 83 kb)



Overview & Scrutiny Committee Minutes & Agendas for Electoral Year 2016/2017

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Meeting Date Agenda & Reports Minutes
1st March 2017  Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled 
9th February 2017
View Agenda and Reports (pdf 1 mb)
View Minutes (MS Word 109  kb)
1st December 2016
View Agenda and Reports (pdf 315 kb)
View Minutes (MS Word 113 kb)
20th October 2016
View Agenda and Reports (pdf 645 kb)
View Minutes (MS Word 62kb)
8th September 2016  View Agenda and Reports
 View Minutes
7th July 2016
View Agenda and Reports (pdf 450 kb)
 View Minutes
 2nd June 2016 View Agenda and Reports (pdf 196 kb)   View Minutes



View Scrutiny Committee Archive

For further information regarding Overview & Scrutiny, please see the information below:-  


  The Overview & Scrutiny Committee will listen to the concerns of the local people when selecting issues for scrutiny.  It is important however to emphasise they are not simply a complaints Committee for citizens to air their individual grievances; there are other procedures in place for such matters.

 The role of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee is to look at issues which affect significant numbers of our citizens.  The Committee was created as part of major changes to the way in which the Council carries out its business.  Under the new system, all 36 Councillors meet to decide the Council's budget and policies.  A group of 12 Councillors, know as the Executive Committee, make the day to day decisions about running Council services.

The Local Government Act states that whatever decision-making system Council's adopt, they should set up Overview & Scrutiny Committees.  These have the power to:

  • Look back at decisions that have been taken.
  • Look forward to future decisions, making reports and recommendations on things that the Executive Committee does, as well as other aspects of the Council's work.
  • Hold the Executive Committee to account.  They do this by calling-in for examination, decisions which have been taken but not yet implemented.
  • Measure how effective previously implemented decisions have been.
  • Scrutinise how well Council policies, strategies and services work and suggest improvements.    


Scrutiny Committee


 The Council has set up one Overview & Scrutiny Committee made up of 12 Councillors.  Members of the Executive Committee cannot chair the Scrutiny Committee.  No Members can be involved in scrutinising a decision in which they have been directly involved.  The Scrutiny Committee has the power to call any Councillor or Office to give evidence or be questioned.  They can also invite people from outside the Council as witnesses or experts.

The Scrutiny Committee meets six times annually, in Committee Room No.4 in the Town Hall; members of the Public and Press are welcome to attend.


Scrutiny Work Programme


The Overview & Scrutiny Committee has a work programme listing the review topics which it is to undertake.  Occasionally this may need revision to include new items which the Committee has decided to investigate and to highlight those which may be delayed, cancelled or suspended as a result.  They will, however, take into account other current work such as best value reviews and external studies of services etc.

 The Overview & Scrutiny work programme, papers and further information are available on request from the Corporate Support Manager at the address shown below, by telephone or via e-mail; scrutiny@barrowbc.gov.uk.


Issues For Consideration


If you would like to raise an issue for consideration by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee please contact:


John Penfold
Corporate Support Manager
Town Hall
Duke Street
LA14 2LD
Email: scrutiny@barrowbc.gov.uk.


Local Issues


The main function of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee is to examine the Borough's Council services and policies, but occasionally we may want to review an issue which affects the community but is the responsibility of another organisation.  In such cases we can only respond if we have the co-operations of others, including these organisations.  Any organisations which might come under the 'spotlight' should not be afraid of the process; it is not intended to simply be a criticism of that organisation or its service provision.  It will be a serious attempt to find ways of improving services for citizens of the Borough by working together.


How Can You Help?


To scrutinise local services properly, the Overview & Scrutiny Committee will seek information form people both within the Council and outside.  They will need to seek advice from independent experts and will want to hear from local people, businesses, Parish Councils, the County Council and community and voluntary organisations.


Have Your Say!


Most meetings will include an open session for members of the public to give their views, especially when Councillors are reviewing a service.  You will be welcome to provide your views although the Chairman may have to limit the number and/or time allotted to these in order to maintain progress.


The committee hopes eventually to utilise questionnaires, surveys and other types of consultation to gauge the opinion of local people.  Ward forums, Councillors' surgeries, local groups and community associations are also ways of letting Councillors know your views.


If you are actively involved in a local organisation or interest group, you may be invited to give evidence or contribute to a review of a relevant topic by providing advice, information and your views.


Who is on this Committee?


View the committee membership page.


When are the Meetings Scheduled?


View the Schedule of Committee Meetings.