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Revenues, Benefits and Customer services

Revenues, Benefits and Customer services

At its meeting of the 29th November, 2017, the Council’s Executive Committee agreed to recommend to Full Council that the Revenues, Benefits and Customer services be insourced and run directly by the local authority from the 1st October, 2018.

These services have been outsourced through an external contract which has been in operation since 1998 and the contract comes to a natural end on the 30th September, 2018.

The Council has seen significant reductions in Government funding from the Spending Review 2010 onwards.  Excluding the main services contracted out, the Council has reduced staffing levels by 20% (250 FTE to 200 FTE) and reduced its General Fund revenue budget by £5m.  The current Budget Strategy requires a further £2.7m reduction.

All of the Council’s main service contracts had end dates within the timeframe of the current Budget Strategy and Members resolved to review each of these as the natural end dates occurred.

The Council needs to achieve significant cost reductions from the Revenues and Benefits services; this is a key component of the £2.7m.  In recommending insourcing as the service delivery model, Members of the Executive Committee have assessed the risks involved and decided that the cost saving is more certain to be delivered through insourcing.

Continuous service delivery is vital for customers and the Council will ensure that adequate plans and resources are in place during the service transition period.

The Full Council meeting is on the 23rd January, 2018.