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Your Child and Alcohol

Further down this page you will find a copy of this booklet and a video of Alex, age 18 speaking about how she developed this booklet.

Alcohol Strategy

Barrow Community Safety Partnership has identified 'Alcohol Related Harm' as one of its key priorities for this year.  To view our Alcohol Strategy that has been developed in conjunction with South Lakeland CSP, please click here: South Cumbria Alcohol Strategy.

Who pays the price....

...what will you buy a teenager this Christmas?  We have produced a series of 4 video clips aimed at reducing the number of adults and parents buying alcohol for teenagers this Christmas.  Watch them and let us know what you think.

Alcohol, know your limits!

NHS booklet about drinking on a night out and knowing your limits.

Your drinking and you!

NHS booklet about drinking and keeping track of your units.

Drinking and Stroke/Drinking and high blood pressure

NHS booklet about drinking when you have had a stroke or have high blood pressure.

Your kids and alcohol

NHS booklet with facts and advice to help you take the right approach.


For more information on facts and advice about alcohol visit the following websites:


To watch the Gettin' Wrecked videos follow the links below:

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

Clip 5


Your Child & Alcohol

'The earth is degenerate, children no longer obey their parents'.  This is an inscription found carved in stone from around 2,000 years ago.

We cannot give you the magic words that will stop your child from drinking alcohol.  What we have done is publish the booklet below.

It was put together by Alex, an apprentice with the police community safety team in Barrow.  Alex is 18 and has the following to say......

"The booklet was written with the hope that it would stimulate a discussion between parents and children about matters concerning alcohol.

The booklet informs families about the effects alcohol can have on children and young people. The booklet also helps to signpost families to other useful information.

It also attempts to raise community awareness of the issues associated with alcohol and provides people with information that allows them to make informed choices.

This definitely isn’t a ‘don’t drink’ booklet - it is aimed to provide parents/guardians/young people with an insight into what drinking alcohol at a young age can do, and how it can influence lives and relationships.

There is also information on the long term effects of alcohol. This advice can be used as a starting point for family discussions.

If you’re not sure where or how to start the discussion, pick one thing from it that stimulates your interest and start there!

Good luck, we hope you find it useful and if you need someone else to join the discussion, just ask…"                                                                                  Alex Walker, 18, Apprentice

To listen to Alex talking about this booklet please scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can watch a YouTube clip of her and DCC Stuart Hyde.......

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To download this booklet for printing, please go to:


To view Alex talking about her intention for the booklet, please see the video clip below.  you can also listen to Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde endorsing the booklet and praising Alex for all her hard work.  Let us know what you think.....