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Spider Beetles


Advice to Householders - Spider Beetles


They have long antennae which are segmented and positioned between the eyes, they have a spider like appearance, a stout body with a hairy surface, a waist like constriction at the base of the thorax and six long thin legs.
Australian Spider Beetle :- 2.5 - 4mm long, body is clothed with dull brown to golden brown hairs.

Golden Spider beetle:- 3 - 4.5mm long body clothed in silky golden-yellow hairs and fine scales.


Infestations often originate in birds nests. There are 2-4 generations per year and all stages except for the eggs and young larvae can survive the winter.
The Golden spider beetle prefers moist places and can infest textiles especially if they are soiled with grease. This is becoming an increasing pest in domestic premises. Their peak activity is between August and November.
Spider Beetles are gregarious and nocturnal, they spend the days in cracks and crevices amongst packaging and the fabric of the store. Consequently they can thrive in old buildings where they find many harbourages.


Spider beetle larvae will infest all manner of dry animal and vegetable matter including grain, spices, fish meal, dog biscuits, dried fruit and a wide variety of miscellaneous debris. The larvae bore holes in which to pupate and in so doing may damage packaging and or the commodities. They also contaminate products with droppings and silk webbing.
Adult beetles will damage products including bags and sacks.

Life Cycle

The female lays up to 120 eggs over 3-4 weeks in early summer
The 4 eggs hatch in 3 - 30 days at 15-250C
Larvae live for 150 - 250 days then pupate
Pupation takes 18 - 30 days
Adults live for up to 12 months.
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